• Manifolds & Bases
    Manifolds & Bases
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    Manifolds have a station that consists of pair of end plates that lets in/out of air that goes to the

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  • Mini Pressure Relief Valves
    Mini Pressure Relief Valves
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    These relief valves eliminate any harm to your moving parts that had air pressure build up. When it gets

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  • Series CPOM Polot Valve Check
    Series CPOM Polot Valve Check
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    Needs to be on a flat area and come as close to .0003″ and ** means in inches. Highest working

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  • Series UR Control Valves
    Series UR Control Valves
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    Least pressure settings – 30 gpm flow, 150 SSU and oil temp pressure 100 degrees F. If any of these

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  • Pneumatic & Automatic Valves
    Pneumatic & Automatic Valves
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    Safety Valves – this valve is a dual valve made to give comparable flow formation. There are three

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  • Valve Drive for an EHD1
    Valve Drive for an EHD1
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    This will give you selections for shutting of the power to the solenoids to avoid errors. It has a fault

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  • Coils and Solenoids
    Coils and Solenoids
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    Dual voltage – AC only If you require other voltages, contact your supplier. This is for BVP 1/8,

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  • Power & Control Valves
    Power & Control Valves
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    You can use these valves either wet, dry, oil, water or air. They are tapered poppet with short strokes

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