Series 40 M46 Features and Configuration

Series 40 M46 Features and Configuration

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Configuration – You can run these pumps and motors with other products to control and transfer hydraulic power. Series 40 pump (not the M23 PT) can have an integral charge pump to help the system revive itself and cool the oil flow and the servo control oil flow on the M46 pumps. These units can give you plenty of options a range of auxiliary mounting pads. Your motor could have a parallel axial piston/ slipper model that may have a fixed or a swashplate that tilts.On the M23 and M35 variable s have trunnion swashplates with direct displacement controls. M46 motor uses a cradle swashplate style and two positions for the servo control.

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Chart shows sizes of pumps and motors. Unless it says it is for pump sizes with charge pump, direct displacement control (M23 & M35) or MDC (M46) and has no auxiliary mounting pad (M23 PT you can only get it no charge pump and SAE A pad). Motor sizes are for motors with radial end cap porting and doesn’t have through shafts.

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