Series 40 Sundstrand Auxiliary Mounting Pad

Series 40 Sundstrand Auxiliary Mounting Pad

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You can get these pads on all of the Series 40 pumps. They are made for hydraulic pumps. The sealed shipping cover is on all equipment on the mounting pads. These pads work under case pressure and you will need an oring to seal the auxiliary pump mounting flange to the pad. You will have a drive coupling that is greased by use of oil that comes from the main pump case. All the necessary information is on the top chart.

Torque should not go over what is shown on the chart above. If you have working jobs that vibrate badly, you will need G loading support so you want hurt the flange.

The diagram picture to the left shows the mating auxiliary pump sizes. These are some of sizes that you can use on a Series 40 unit.

If more information is needed on the mounting pads, call us at 800-361-0068

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