Series 40 Sundstrand – General Information

Series 40 Sundstrand – General Information

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Series 40 pumps and motors can be put together or put in use with other components to work the system to help control power. They use variable speed that goes between zero and max power for forward and backwards for any type of application.

The variable displacement pump is a small but has lost of power for the parallel axial piston/slipper mode and uses tiltable swashplate to help with different pumps displacement. If you use the swashplate in the opposite angle it will also make the flow of the oil go in opposite direction from the pump. And in turn will make the rotation of the motor output go the other way also.

On M23 and M35 pumps they have trunnion style swashplates that have direct displacement control. On M46 pumps they have a cradle swashplate makeup along with servo assist. The control is supported thru a small, responsive, closed loop servo control that will let you choose between EDC, HDC or MDC controls.

Also on these units they have an integral charge pump (no on the M23 PT). It will replenish and cool down oil flow and the servo control oil flow on M46 units.

They offer different auxiliary mounts to take on auxiliary pump to use with like minded hydraulic systems. The motors use some or all of the same concepts.

If you need help with any of the Series 40 pumps or motors call us at 800-361-0068

We can rebuild or replace any of your Sundstrand needs.

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