Series 40 – M46 HDC Information

Series 40 – M46 HDC Information

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This type of control employs an input signal to work a spring to setup a 4 way servo valve, that ports hyrdaulic pressure to both sides of a double acting servo piston. In turn the servo piston slants the cradle swashplate, which gives full displacement either in one direction or in the other direction to the other side.

It also gives output flow allotment to a command signal. You can use remote control of your machinery that uses hydraulic pressure origin that will use mechanical linkage. And if you don’t have a command signal will go back to the neutral position. The signal range stroke that goes from neutral to full stroke is 19-170 PSID. The max you can have is 400 PSI, no higher.

Characteristics for this HDC : on the internal mechanical will halt the servo valve from making sudden changes in the input signal pressure so there is no harm to the control mechanism. It will give you precise displacement features to the input signal. On the double acting servo piston for both of the ends, to make them drain in the case where the input signal pressure is not immediate. In turn it is hooked to the spring targeting mechanism.

The orifices job is to control response time from full flow to zero deceleration for the servo passages. You can see on the chart it will show different orifice sizes, that helps with the swashplate response that helps with acceleration and deceleration.

Response time chart on the right. Control Input Signal is on the left.

You will need input signal pressure to help the swashplate move to it’s highest displacement, which is 170 PSID. You can’t go over 400 PSI.

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