Taking a Bearing Out

Taking a Bearing Out

Taking a Bearing Out

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Removing a Bearing

It is a reversal of installing a bearing, basically. Whatever tools you used to install the bearing, they will be needed to remove it.

If the bearing want come off the shaft with ease, you may have to come up with a different way of taking it off.

You can take a torch and heat up the bearing, which makes it expand. So you can get in there between the shaft and the bearing. But make sure any grease or lubricant is wiped away, as not to cause a fire. And give much needed support for the bearing and shaft when trying to remove it. If you do use a torch, make sure your have right type and that it is set for heating flame. It doesn’t need to be set on cutting or burning flame. As you do not want to damage your bearing or shaft. That would be a more costly result.

And two heads are better than one, someone else may have another way to take off a bearing.

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