Hydraulic Motor Terms

Hydraulic Motor Terms

Hydraulic Motor Terms

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Today we will discuss:
Terms Associated with Hydraulic Motors

Breakaway Torque – this is torque that is needed to get a non working load turning. You need more torque to start a load, than to keep it moving.

Running Torque – this means a motor’s load, meaning the torque to keeping a load turning. It takes a reading of the actual torque it takes to size up the inefficiency and is expressed as a percentage of it’s theoretical torque. The running torque of regular gear, vane and piston motors is usually 90% theoretical.

Starting Torque – this is in reference to the capability of a hydraulic motor. Shows the amount of torque which a motor can begin to start a load turning. Starting torque is compared as a percentage of theoretical torque. Again for a gear,vane and piston more it is 90% of theoretical.

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