Eaton 35V Series Quiet Intra-Vane Type Pump

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Seals need to be welted when you put this together. It needs SAE 10W motor oil. The lip of the seal need to be going toward the bearing, when you put it together. The single cartridge parts cannot be changed out with other parts that look similar to the older parts. If you have a whole cartridges they can be changed out with the newer one.

Black circle = it is in the cartridge kit Black triangle = it is in the seal kit 922851 F3 is about the same as seal kit 919262 If you want to go in the opposite direction with the cartridge kits, take out the the two screws and reverse where the inlet plate is at, S/A and outlet plate too. Put the screw back in by hand tightening them. Put the pump cover on the line up the sections of the cartridge and take out the cover easily.

If you need to order parts, make sure you specify if it is RH or LH or you may end up with the wrong one.

If you need further assistance with this Eaton or any of the other models, call us at 800-361-0068

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