Sundstrand Series 20 Variable Motor – General Data

Sundstrand Series 20 Variable Motor – General Data

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This is just to help you identify and know what parts you need. Which parts go on what series. And other general information. It is always good to keep up with your model number and serial number of your unit. It helps with ordering parts, rotation and other vital info in repairing a unit. And to always try to keep the tag on the unit. If it has come off, please try to keep up with it. Makes alot of difference in what type of shaft you may need. Which rotation and other special features about your unit.

(*) need to review what job it needs to do.

If you change the motor angle it doesn’t mean you have to make it a non standard model. It could still fall in the range levels. You can do it by adjusting the motor stroke limiter. Now if the range is outside the level, then you can just change the swash plate link and that will make it non standard. If you have a code 2 get a hold of a distributor for a special part.

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