John Deere 655B/755B – Sprocket

John Deere 655B/755B – Sprocket

John Deere 655B/755B – Sprocket

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Take out the track chain. The sprocket shield and track guide need to come off. Take a 10 ton jack and raise the end up and put on stands. If the sprocket is worn out, you will need to put a new one on.

If you are driving your unit in one direction all the time, one side of the teeth will be worn down. If you want to get the most out of the sprocket, switch them around from one side to the other. That way it be worn down more evenly.

Make sure when you taking it off, to take off all the paint, grease or other debris from the sprocket and planetary housing. Put thread lock and sealer on the threads of screws. Now put the sprocket back where you want it and put screws back in. Next put your track guide and sprocket shield. Now you can put your unit back on the ground and put your track chain on.

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