John Deere 755B Crawler Track Frame

John Deere 755B Crawler Track Frame

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Take out track and front idler, then the wear strips. Next grind lower bar and track frame weld surfaces down smooth. Clean off any splatter from welding. The battery disconnect switch needs to be off. If you have a 655B you will need to put in place the wear strip to line up with the inner edge of track frame about .79 inches forward of the edge of the surface. If you have 755B you will need to make sure the wear strips are .79 inches from the surface edge and 2.22 inches from the track frame inner edge and put something on it to hold it in where you need it, maybe with some type of clamp.

1 – wear strip

2 – track frame 755B

3 – track frame 655B

4 – inner edge

5 – .79 in.

6 – machined edge

After you do those procedures you will need to weld two .28 inch fillet welds on the inner edge by using electrodes. Make sure the surface is smooth and even. Next weld a .25 inch fillet weld past each end of wear strip.

1 – .28 in. fillet weld

2 – .25 in fillet weld

3 – .87 in

4 – 2.99 length of welds

5 – 6.0 in

Using electrodes well strips to the frame. Weld .31 in fillet weld around the circle edges. Again weld .25 in fillet weld along the length of the wear strip. Clean off weld splatter that might get on weld strip. Put the front idler on and hook up the track.

1 – machined edge

2 – wear strip

3 – 2.22 in

4 – track frame inner edge

5 – smooth surface edge

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