Fluid Recommendations

Fluid Recommendations

Fluid Recommendations

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We hope this section on Hydraulic Fluids helps with concerns on the correct fluids to put in your units.


Hydraulic fluids used for your units should be of the highest quality to ensure the best performance for equipment to run properly

Fluid Characteristics

Seal Conditioning

Anti – Foam

Anti – Corrosion

Anti – Wear



Shear Stability

Thermal Stability

Low Temperature Fluidity


These types of hydraulic fluids have been viewed as best for you unit:

(1) Anti-wear hydraulic oil

(2) Automatic transmission fluid – Type “F”

(3) Hydraulic transmission fluid (types used mostly by the agriculture industry for combined transmission,hydraulic and wet brake systems). Pydraul 312 is used best for fire resistance if required.


The types of fluids listed above have viscosity characteristics in the operating range of 0 degrees F. to 200 degrees F. The fluids also should provide a minimum viscosity of 47 SUS at 210 degrees F. and a maximum viscosity of 6000 SUS at the lowest start up temperature.


Always use fluids that are recommended by your local dealers and follow manufacture instructions to ensure the best performance for your equipment.


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