Sundstrand Sauer Series 40 M46 Model Code

Sundstrand Sauer Series 40 M46 Model Code

Sundstrand Sauer Series 40 M46 Model Code

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Today we will be discussing what the Tag on your unit means and why it is very important to have when ordering parts, having it rebuilt or if just need to have a replacement. Without the correct numbers off the tag, it is hard to to understand what you need to fix your unit.

So it would be a good idea to maybe take a picture of the tag when you get your new unit. Store it on your computer,phone or print it out. Put it up with all your other paperwork, to have when the occasion arises.

That way if the tag comes off, gets to scratched up to read or some of it can be read and not all of it. Then you will have to turn to.

Each Sundstrand Series Pump or Motor will have a Name Plate (tag) on the housing of your unit.

The model number (M46 -XXXX) is used by the factory to determine the replacement parts you will need for your specific unit.

The model code tell the specifics of the unit. (Earlier M46’s units did not come with model codes on the name plate).

The serial number tells the factory’s assembly location, build date and the unit sequence in the build. And it tells the warranty time period. Also, it MUST be referenced when ordering parts.

The first four digits in the serial number tell the build date code. The first two digits tells the year of manufacture. The second number of digits, tell the calendar week it was built. The final five digits are used to identify a specific unit. (Earlier models only had 2 digits).

So as you can see it is very helpful if you have all that information when you call a service dealer to help you with repair,replace or parts for your unit.

So give us a call today, we can help with any Model you have.

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