Mini Pressure Relief Valves

Mini Pressure Relief Valves

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A – 7/32″ holes, #13536 kit or #13133 for panel nut order only. If you order parts. Poly carbonate bonnet B – 7/32″ holes, #13534 kit or #13025 for panel nut order only. If you order parts. Aluminum bonnet C – Plastic bonnet 104-3100/3101-1 D – Panel mount 10-3100/3101-1 E – Pipe mount 114-3100/3101-1 Chart with curves – 1 bubble per sec. set point open Chart – these types of valves don’t need to be used to have limiting pressure. You should use whatever the factory has set for them. If you want to order a gauge put 1G(104-3101-1G. If you want to order gauge ports put 104-3001-1(change the 1 after the 3 to a 0 example).

These relief valves eliminate any harm to your moving parts that had air pressure build up. When it gets like that, it will let air out invariable by itself when it reaches a set point.

Some characteristics are that it has three pressure settings, responsive diaphragm actuation, small in size, plastic adjustment knobs that don’t rise, two gauge ports( you can have that on there or not), can add or not an aluminum bonnet and several different mounts.

High pressure 250 psi., temp -10F.-175F. and all different kinds of materials that they can be made out of.

So if we can answer any questions about these valves or if you need to order them, call us at


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