Series UR Control Valves

Series UR Control Valves

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Unloading relief valve 3/4″ manifold MTD. Subplate mount has to be ground to .0003 of an inch flatness. If any lower it might make alot of errors in a working mode with no pressure.

** means inch sizes.

Flow rate2 gpm. check valve 3 PSI

Least pressure settings – 30 gpm flow, 150 SSU and oil temp pressure 100 degrees F. If any of these conditions are off, it will not work properly. The max working pressure is 3000 PSi. Drain – 10 PSI and normal flow is .3 gpm. Drain line has to be right on the back that goes to the tank and goes below the oillevel.

For valves that use synthetic fluids need to use certain seals. If you have phosphate or when you blend it, use a viton seal. Otherwise you the standard seals. Your debris level doesn’t need to get above 125 particles. Whichever way you need to adjust your unit, CW is increase and CCW is to An H model unit needs to be 15% higher and M model unit should be 30% lower. And when it is a cut in pressure, it will be constantly pressurized. The mounting of this unit is good in either direction and any position.

General information on how to order a unit or parts for it.

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