Parker FG3PKC Flow Control Valve

Parker FG3PKC Flow Control Valve

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Viscosity curve was determined by using hydraulic oil 100 SSU.

How to order this control.

Subplate – valve is 3/8″ inch conversion is (**)
You will need to order (A.) by itself.

3000 PSI – Pressure Flow Rate – 100-3000 PSI You can have the extra feature of a Lunge Control. It will keep in check how much your compensator piston can go. It slows down the acturator. It does have flow setting you can change. On the pressure differential to work right on the inlet/outlet ports the PSI should be 100. The flow rate is made to be the same for all temps.

This has a subplate mounting. The valve can work in any direction. You have alot of options for changing your settings. You can have a lunge control added on here to help with piston trying to find its way. You will need a viton seal. A good filtration system needs to be added. Viscosity ranges – 80-1000 SSU and needs to have oxidation and debris characteristics added to the oil.

If you need further help with any kind on control valve, give us a call at 800-361-0068

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