Series 33 Hydraulic Blower

Series 33 Hydraulic Blower

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Blower Performance

This is made for pressure or vacuum procedures. It has greased spur gears, impellers that are balanced and the usual pipe size inlet and outlet along with ball bearings. It is interchangeable with other parts and not many moving parts.

A. Top left diagram – when fixing this up with the shaft or pulley, Don’t move the drive shaft or impeller assy upon the head plates. B. top right diagram – put lubrication on the drain plug and any fittings when unit is in reverse and put on up side down. When you put this on add oil, to gear housing (appropriate oil). Make sure ball bearings are greased with high pressure grease. Remember to have plug holes open in your head plate. From time to time, check filters to see if they are clogged. RPM – 850 Vacuum – 1750. Make sure your impeller is not bound up by your piping, shaft coupling and mounting when you put it in. This chart is for LH rotation.. you can request a RH.

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