Hydraulic Couplings

Hydraulic Couplings

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A. Nema Frames 182TC – 256TC A Casting B. Nema Frames182TC – 256TC B Casting C. Nema Frames 284TC – 286TC TSC D. Nema Frames 324TC TSC – 405TC TSC E. Nema Frames 444TSC – 445 TSC You can get engine mounts and overhead mounts

Coupling Performance Specs – top chart Spline Coupling Specs – middle chart Coupling Sizes – bottom chart These are pliable couplings. This lowers the load on the bearings, shafts and the pumps. In return it makes it last longer. Easy to put on. You can get clamps for the spline coupling, smooth bored and keyed units.
On your self aligning rod end coupler on your cylinder you will see a better tolerance, easy to put on and better bearing wear and tear. Thread sizes – 2 1/4 go up to that point.

PM Model 90 Size Info – top chart Nema Frames 56C 143TC-145TC – bottom chart On the motor mounts you want need shims, mounting plate or foot brackets. All you need is a mount, bolts and washers and that is all. You can have special sizes made, but you will have to ask about ordering that.

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