Rotary Actuators Megatork Series lV

Rotary Actuators Megatork Series lV

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These measurements are for 4000 psi rod made for this unit, can make it for your needs
Performance – made to fit your needs of operation. Torque output, speed regulation, cushions, rotations made to order, different positions and tandems of air/oil Equipment Combining – to meet your machines needs. Trunion drive, basket rotation, swing gate, power hinge, power steering, electro hydraulic and work remotely Special Configuration – custom make up for your unit. Small in size, have different mounting flanges, shafting, mill cylinders, double shafts and valving
Your cushion needles need to be at one and one complete turn from the seated placement. Have constant speed reduction throughout the length. Don’t work needle in seated area and don’t work when unscrewed where the seal in the thread is made known.
Don’t work teh lever arm if the crossover relief valve can’t get rid of excess pressure in the actuator. Whoever works the load, needs to be able to stop by shutting the discharge valve. You can put in other means of taking on the hydraulic shock by putting in accumulators.

Low pressure relief Valve – keeps the housing under a certain pressure as not to cave in on itself and lets you know if you need new seals. Rack bearings – tries to eliminate backlash and helps with a rack load. Racks – are heated treated to help with the load. Tie Rods – helps relieve stress and give support. Pistons – they are self aligning. (at the end where you see the knobs sticking out of the cylinder head) Cylinder Tubes – special steel. Housing – houses the internal parts. Pinion – single keyed hollow shaft. Bearings – helps with loads outside of unit. Bearing cap – made of steel. Cylinder heads – has static seal to get rid of seal displacement.

Characteristics Extras 4000 max psi cushions can be adjusted 1000000 – 50000000 lb of torque tie rod or mill cylinders has 90, 180 adn 360 degrees of rotation rotational arcs can be made to order rack and pinion mechanically sound mounting options are available no leaks end caps, valves and ports can be custom for your unit piston seals – seals (lip) come pre loaded independent power units gears are single tooth to work on full loads put mounting how you need to use them hollow shaft – gets rid of need for coupling have shaft made to order Tightly made unit made for pressure, torque, dimensions and corrosion defense

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