Nicholas HTLS Pumps/Motors 100 Thru 310 Series

Nicholas HTLS Pumps/Motors 100 Thru 310 Series

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This 100 Series comes with different shaft styles that are from 1″ to 1 1/4″. For a medium style pump the dual roller bearings, two different mounting flanges and port give this pump options on running different operations. The displacements are 3.6 to 16.4 cubic inches every revolution. The radial load is 2800lbs. The motor is about 5 1/4 inches long. You can use this type of unit in a spreader, conveyor or winch drive. Power in a small package.

This 110 Series pump does it’s best when dealing with side loads of ordinary operations. Such operations are conveyor, brush, winch, auger, tool changers and spreader drives. Pressure to 3000 psi. Radial loads to 2500 lbs.

This 120 & 130 Series type of pump does best with wheel drive and sprocket drive operations. You can get a thru shaft to help with heavier loads that might need a mechanical brake to run it more efficiency for safety on your equipment. Displacements for this pump are 8.8 to 16.4 cubic in. per cycle. Pressure to 2800 PSI. There is a load limit of 4400 lbs. Uses for this type pump are vehical prpulsion, conveyor, winch and sweeper drive.

This 310 Series type of pump is an imports part of a blend of the 110 and planetary speed reducer. A coupling of 15000 lbs of torque that helps with the lo speed capability. It comes with a shaft ouput/wheelhub mounting with displacement14.8 to 67.3 per cycle. Pressure to 3000 PSI. And best used for swing, grapples, vehicle propulsion, debarker and skidsteer equipment.

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