Parker 110A Hydraulic Motor – Low Speed/High Torque

Parker 110A Hydraulic Motor – Low Speed/High Torque

Parker 110A Hydraulic Motor – Low Speed/High Torque

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Working mechanics:

Self sealing element Starting torque is high Stainless steel shaft SAE A & SAE B mounting Low internal pressure drop disc valve low speed Long life Small scale but powerful Integral Crossover Relief Valve Pkg Fixed Axis Shaft all in one SAE oring, NPTF, Manifold & BSPP Porting External Case Drain (if needed) Thru shaft for parking brake, encoder mount & auxiliary drive Shafts: 7/8″, 1″, 1 1/4″, 25mm Wear adjusting element

On the 5.4″ the torque lb/in the end corner 2423/813 (speed rpm)

On the 12.9″ on line (25) the end corner Torque lb/in. 3869/472 (speed rpm)

The length L chart at the top left – metric is shown (**) and add 25″ 6.4 to L and 1.7lbs (.8) weight thru shaft. On SAE A flange – *= subtract .06 for manifold.

Millimeter to inch dimensiona are (**). On 25mm Keyed diagram Key A8x7x32 mm. On 1 1/4″ Keyed there is a square key 3125/3135 x 1.24

Millimeter to inches are shown with (**)

A. Spotty operation means it is less than 10% of each minute. Testing of fluids density at 180 SUS at 120 degrees F. B. Load 1.1″ from body face….torque = 1700 lbs in. ………radial load is 1200 lbs at 100 rpm……max radial is 1500 lbs

Max transient inlet pressure means it is less than 1% of each minute, but cant go over 4000 PSI. It has a filtration of 25 micron but has a beta ratio of 2. On max. shaft thrust load, you can’t go over 1000 lbs inward or outward. If you have radial load or thru shaft goes over400 lbs, as a mechanic about that. To make your shaft seal last longer, hook the case drain port to the tank if both ports are the same at the same time go above 1000 PSI for long periods of time when the shaft turns. On thru shaft limits – static 3600 lbs in. dynamic 3000 lbs in. You shouldn’t use the dynamic brake with a thru shaft.

It is made to give up to 7247 lb in of torque on a one piece of solid fixed axis shaft. It also has an extended shaft that goes thru the rear cover for when you need mounting parking brakes, auxiliary drive operations or encoders that readout speed or closed loop control.

If you need further info on the Parker unit or any other Parker models, call us at 800-361-0068

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