Vicker’s Hydraulic Single Vane Pump 25V Series

Vicker’s Hydraulic Single Vane Pump 25V Series

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Model code chart for this unit

Model Outlet Positions – Cover End 25V**A-*A20(L)-28* opposite inlet 25V**A-*B20(L)-28* 90 degrees C clockwise from inlet 25V**A-*C20(L)-28* inline with intel 25V**A-*D20(L)-28* 90 degrees clockwise from inlet

The right and left hand rotation are the same for both rotations. The parts come in a kit. But when you order parts, make sure to tell them it is for the right hand or left hand, because it is assembled “R” or “L”, very important to mention that or you will get the wrong parts. As always, make sure you clean your parts of all debris before putting your unit back together.

Black circle = it is in the cartridge kit Black triangle = it is in the seal kit #922850 or F3 similar seal kit #919656

Shaft Part Key 1 238755 9955 11 23829 —

Model Cover Body S/A 25V**A/D-**20-28* 224309 942353 25V**B/C-**20-28* 242215 942378

Make sure you put some type of fluid/oil in the inner circumferences of the seal before you put it in the shaft, then put together the seal with the spring facing the bearing.

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