Putting Grease Inside Bearings

Putting Grease Inside Bearings

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Packing Bearings with Lubrication

Before you put your new bearings on your unit, they need to be packed with right amount of lubricant, that is manufactured recommended. The grease needs to be packed into the spaces around the balls or rollers. There should be enough grease to fill the bearing from 1/3 to 1/2 full. Try not to use any more than that amount, it causes leakage, churning and excessive heating.

Most bearings installed in a pump or motor frames come with filling plugs and drain plugs. To grease this particular  type of bearing, fill the bearing until fresh grease comes out of the drain hole and then replace the drain plug. When it is properly filled, the bearing is flushed free of old grease and only fresh grease remains.

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