Different Speeds of a Hydraulic Motor Shaft

Different Speeds of a Hydraulic Motor Shaft

Different Speeds of a Hydraulic Motor Shaft

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Today we will discuss;

Motor Shaft Speed
When you know the motor size you want, then a pump with the right flow rate is chosen to get the precise amount of shaft speed.
Shaft Speed RPM = GPM x 231 Motor Displacement (in)

Shaft speed is a key factor in motor selection since all hydraulic motors do not operate at the same speed.

The most relevant parts; gear, vane or piston motor are not capable of a smooth or low RPM shaft speeds at the highest torque. Since the increased force needed to start a load moving and the increased internal motor leakage and static friction at high pressure, smooth shaft rotation at low RPM is not likely to accomplished. To see such high results of smooth shaft speeds and high torque, you would have to be operating at least 200-400 RPM.

The highest speeds of operation are generally in the range of 2400-3000 RPM.

Now if you wanted to operate at a much lower shaft speed and torque, then your ordinary hydraulic motor is capable of doing that in different applications that are required. If you need a high torque at low speeds, then you will need a special class of motors. They are known as high torque low speed motors. The range of speed for these motors is from a fraction RPM to 400 RPM.

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