Explanation and Suffixes for Precision Bearings

Explanation and Suffixes for Precision Bearings

Explanation and Suffixes for Precision Bearings

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Internal Bearing Clearances

A bearing clearance is the amount a bearing ring moves in relation to the other under a give small measuring load in a radial direction or in an axial direction. For radial bearings, the radial clearance is of primary importance. The radial clearance in ball bearings should be close to zero when the bearing has been mounted and has reached its temperature equilibrium. A small pre load usually has not lasting effects. Roller bearings, which deflect less under load than do a ball bearings, a certain small internal clearance should be left in order that the bearing will not develop too much heat at high speeds. Normal speeds, usually the precision roller bearings are more pre loaded, so that to obtain the highest level of rigidity. The single row angular contact ball bearings, you must speak of the internal clearance except when the bearings are mounted. So that one bearings is always opposed by another in order to control the internal clearance.

Bearings that have unique clearances are made to show a suffix after the bearing number


C2- Radial Clearance Less That Normal

C3- Radial Clearance Greater than Normal

C4- Radial Clearance Greater Than C3

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