Pump and Motor Combinations

Pump and Motor Combinations

Pump and Motor Combinations

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Pump and Motor Combinations

Certain types of pumps and motors can be put together to give different system requirements for different applications.

A constant displacement pump in combination with a fixed displacement motor produces a fixed hydraulic horsepower put out by the pump. The torque and shaft speed are constant with the motor.

A constant displacement pump with a variable displacement motor will give you a fixed hydraulic horsepower that is delivered in the motor. The shaft speed and torque are variable at the motor.

A variable displacement pump combined with a fixed displacement motor yields a constant torque at the motor. The pumps flow rate could be changed, the horsepower is handed to the motor and the motor shaft speed can be varied.

A system that handles both a variable displacement pump and a variable displacement motor has the capacity of using a variable speed torque and horsepower.


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