Bleed Off Circuitry

Bleed Off Circuitry

Bleed Off Circuitry

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Bleed off Circuitry

Bleed off circuit is another type of flow control circuit. The flow control valve doesn’t cause any resistance for the pump. It does this by bleeding off to  tank  a small amount of the pump’s flow at the existing system pressure.

In turn produces less heat, a bleed off circuit can be more cost efficient than a meter in or meter out circuit. As you can see with the advantages a bleed off circuit is not a very popular flow control circuit. Because a flow control is a bleed off arrangement only indirectly controls the speed of an actuator.

It can precisely meter flow to the tank, but if leakage thru similar  system components increases, actuator speed will decline.

A bleed off circuit is when precision flow regulation is not needed and where the load delivers a constant resistance as in reciprocating grinding,tables homing operations and vertically lifting a load.


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