Hydraulic Bearing and Design

Hydraulic Bearing and Design

Hydraulic Bearing and Design

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Today we will discuss;

Bearing and Design

Not all bearings are created equal…not just one particular bearing can used for every applications.

Here are some examples of what goes into the decisions behind what bearing is used for which application:

  1. Load pressure on bearing.
  2. Clearance between journal and bearing I.D to give free rotation and room for lubricant.
  3. How the bearing can be installed.
  4. Alignment
  5. Space available
  6. Lubricant
  7. Size and speed of shaft


Once the engineer starts to see what operating mode is required, then he will start to see what bearing type and what it is made of, that will meet the criteria for that specific application.

So whether the bearing supports a pump or a compressor, it comes down to the type of action that is required of the bearing to know what to design and what material to make it out of.


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