Coils and Solenoids

Coils and Solenoids

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These types of solenoids have soft seals. They use a electromagnetic actuator that directly uses a plunger valve. They carry safety factors and work on low voltage when you really give it the power. They are on going coils. It has water proof resin on them where there is alot of humidity.

Dual voltage – AC only

If you require other voltages, contact your supplier.

This is for BVP 1/8, 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2 in. and BMUVP

Pilot working unit.

Alternating Current – ongoing working unit, high temp solenoid if needed and plunger pad are of wear resistant steel. It will last because of shock absorbing bumpers to give it a boost and for return stroke.

Direct Current – this unit was made for heavy duty work. Coils are on fiber bobbin. The DC coils length on a single solenoid – 9 1/89″ and doubles are 12 3/4″. It has a manual override.

AC Oil consumed unit – NFPA plug in connection, manual. Gives heat disspensation that has low wear factor.

On the current and strength properties are the same as AC.

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