Series 500 Hall Hydraulic Pump

Series 500 Hall Hydraulic Pump

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Sizes add to the single weight
Component List

Selection Guide *means you will need this part for each stage you add on If you put gear widths together, don’t go over 5 in. at 2000 psi.

Drive Shafts If you have type l drive shaft they go with the type 1 shaft and covers for that type. If you have type ll drive shafts they go with type ll shafts and covers for that type

Pump Performance If you need to change 1 G.P.M. 231 Cu. In/Min

Pump Performance

Pump Performance

Motor Perfromance this is done in lb per inch
Shaft End Covers * means outboard bearing ** means type ll

Port End Covers
Gear Housing If both port sizes and code number show up it means it is low pressure

Gear Housing
Bearing Carriers

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