Rotary Actuators P300 – P2000 Part ll

Rotary Actuators P300 – P2000 Part ll

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End cap – it has different adjustors Housing – made with high grade aluminum Gear chamber – comes lubricated for life and rubber sealed Pinion shaft – has a single tooth load tolerance and is made in all one piece Bearings – can withstand heavy loads, always greased and handles friction well at its lowest Gearing – has two racks, handles heavy loads and has a big rack for support

Characteristics and some extra features

Air pressure 125 psi highest Has stroke adjustors

Highest torque capability 300-10000 lb at 100 psi Ports are orings SAE or NPT

Rack and pinion has mechanical capability Shafting options

Extra rack has extra torque/output Can go either direction CW or CCW

Piston seals are orings You can tell them what rotation

No leaks You can tell them what seals

High degrees of temp for operating You can put special cast on it

Gearing can be single tooth when you need to do a heavy load

For other shaft choices, you may need to look on other charts here to find what you need.
The bottom chart to the left – displacement/displacement factor/rotational arc……….. The bottom chart to the right – output torque/torque factor/working pressure……

If you have an X in the model code.. you will need more info. You may need to get the model number or serial number. Most rotation is CW and the keyway rotates from the 12:00 position and it looks at the snap ring side. If you need it to be CCW then the keyway need to be at 9:00 position.

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