Rotary Actuators A-100/500/1000 Series Part One

Rotary Actuators A-100/500/1000 Series Part One

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A Series – distinct rack and is pneumatic P Series – double rack, powerful torque and pneumatic Hydraulic Series – has both single and double racks, sturdy and rotary Megatork – big actuator and can be customized Specotork – this can be customized

Features Extra’s you can get on it

125 PSI max pressure changeable cushions

100- 10000 lb in at 100 psi – torque stroke adjustors

rotation 94, 184, 364 degrees ports are o ring SAE or NPT

rack and pinion – mechanical performance side or end ports

no leakage – high volume different mounting options

accurate bearings- heavy duty load range with very little friction different shafts

piston seals- block v customized rotations

gearing – single tooth and standard load range customized sealing

temp range – 40 – 250 degree F. different coatings

Housing – A to 100/500 aluminum hard coated

Dimensions * keyway position is done on the basis of from the front face
sizes are consistant with the centerline of the pinion

MS1 – face surface area…bearing cap side MS2 – on the bottom area, but on the other side of the keyway if the actuator is at mid rotation. It is on units A100/500/1000 MS3 – on the back area, but opposite ends of the bearing cap side MS4 – on the top area on units A 100/500/1000

Cylinder ID ends are by left side is number 1 and the right side in number 2 when you look at the front face when the keyway is at 12:00 and the actuator is a in the middle of rotation. The ports for the air rotary come the usual way and some can come customized.

On adjustable cushions that are meant to give even flow acceleration, low noise over the end of rotation (15″). They keep in the air at the end of a stroke by not letting it get in by way of the discharge port. The air goes out thru a tiny valve that provides back pressure on the discharge side of the piston. Then the back pressure want get into the parts inside so it want slow them down. The stroke adjustors are adjusted by a screw that will stop at the end of rotation. You will need to use that to create the best place for the machine to operate. On cushion needles they need to be set at one half and one full turn from specific place. Don’t ever use the machine if the needle is unscrewed far beyond the capacity load. Might pass off pressure spikes and feel shock.

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