Sundstrand Series 90 55cc Electric Motor with EDC Valve Change

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The motors that are affected by this change is NA, NB, NC and ND.

They have redone the solenoid coil to let in a better shift forced that is powered by the coil. The cartridge valve assy got changed also, to help with detecting deflections when you are pressure loading. This can be put in the motor housing. The newer way of putting this in is the1 1/8″ hex wrench is needed to put in the valve and so that you torque it properly. You will need to put an oring on the cartridge valve stem be fore you put it in the solenoid coil and put in another oring. The oring needs to go between the coil and fastening nut, watch about tightening to tight.

There will be three service kits. The control assy kit M1. It is the cartridge valve assy, solenoid coil and the needed hardware to install it with. The next one coil kit M3, it has only the solenoid coil and hardware to put it together. The last kit is a overhaul kit M2, it has the cartridge valve assy and hardwwware to put it together.

On the control kit, you can interchange with other parts, but is not available anymore. The solenoid coil kit will not be interchangeable prior to A-96-46-xxxxx, they may be parts for service.

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