Eaton Series 1 Models 33 thru 64

Eaton Series 1 Models 33 thru 64

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Special Tools

A. * 1.5 in from shaft with splined drive for b pad charge pump. The material is c.r.s. and harderns to rc 50-55.

B. The material on this is SAE 1074, Spring Steel 16 ga. x .75 wide

C. 5/16 18 UNC Cap Screw – 2 needed. Take out the head and grind the end, so it looks like a cone.

Every seal needs to use a unique bullet and driver. Make sure of your measurements or part numbers, so you use the right one for your unit. It comes in mm measurements. (* use this seal 108395-000 and ** units use this seal 110182-000).

On the dimensions chart, the material stentor is 45-55 R(C) Heat Treat.

If you need more info on using special tools to take out or put in different types of parts, call us at 800-361-0068

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