Rexroth AA2FM Fixed Motor

Rexroth AA2FM Fixed Motor

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BVD Counterbalance Valve

The use of this valve is maintain overspeeding and having an axial piston motor from caving in on itself while in open controls. When you have cavitation the motor speed is to great for the flow during braking, going downhill or if you try to lessen the load to quickly.

If you need one of these valves, you will need to specify when you order this type of motor. If you have a travel drive in a excavator, winch in cranes or track drives in a crawler these are good reasons to have a BVD valve.

SAE J518, DIN 3852, with adapter plates

When you get your unit, the BVD valve is put on with two tacking screws. Don’t take out the tacking screw when hooking up the service lines, if they are delivered to you at different times. The BVD valves needs to be put in first to the motor port plate. This is done by means of the service lines using a SAE flange. Tighten up your screws in sequence and with so much torque til all are in there.

A. Tighten screws using the DIN912 B. Tighten threads using Din 13 use min. reach and with adapting plates

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