John Deere Crawler 755B – Controls

John Deere Crawler 755B – Controls

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Operating an Auxiliary Control Lever (if your unit is equipped with it)

A – raise equipment or open clam B- lower equipment or close clam

If you have a rear mounted equipment, pull the lever rearward (B) to make the equipment go lower. If you can have a multi purpose bucket, you will need to pull lever rearward (A) so you can open up the clam. If you push it forward (B) it will close the clam.

If you machine is made to have a selector valve rod on it, you can find it on the left side between seat and console. Grab the rod up to operate a rear mounted equipment that has auxiliary control lever. Push in the rod to make the clam if you have a multi purpose bucket that has auxiliary control lever.

If you crawler is in the mud or water, make sure to replace the plug in the bottom of flywheel housing (take out center bottom guard) above the crossbar, with a plug(with pin) that is solid so water want get in.

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