Denison Goldcup Series 7A Axial Piston Pump – Geroter & Barrel Hold Down

Denison Goldcup Series 7A Axial Piston Pump – Geroter & Barrel Hold Down

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Variable displacement with auxiliary package

*For RH Pumps – S13-46762 *For LH Pumps – S13-46763 *For RH Pumps – 033-72258 *For LH Pumps – 033-72259

Put the unit that has the shaft in a flush area and the valve block mounting area so it is upwards. Turn the shaft til it in the small key way in the auxiliary shaft is at 12:00 o clock. If you putting this in for a right rotation then make sure the dowel pin is in the hole in port block at 9:00 o clock. And if you need LH then put dowel pin in the 3:00 o clock side.

Next put in the side plate, steel side first and over the dowel pin. Put the key in the shaft key way. Put the inner gear of the gerotor assy on the shaft over the key. Put the eccentric ring on the dowel pin and over the inside gear. Push the needle bearing into the gerotor side plate on the side that has a mark on it of the bearing and put it right on the pressing tool.

Make sure the mark on the bearing is .010″ to .025″ under the small diameter face of the side plate.

Now the orings and side plate assy go next. Grease the orings and put the pressure plate over the orings on the side plate assy. Put the two plates over the auxiliary shaft and put the gerotor side plate over the dowel pin.

The seal ring goes on the auxiliary shaft. Put the bearing between the two thrust washers and put it around the seal ring. The thread hold down nut goes on the shaft and put 14 lb torque on it. Tighten it up til the back of the nut is lined up with the pin hole in shaft. Put the pin that goes thru the nut and shaft, secure with the ring.

Make sure the shaft has a smooth rotation. If it doesn’t, check the gerotor parts to be in place and the hold down nut, may need adjusting.

Put the oring on the end cover and grease it up. Put the end cover over the hold down nut. Flatten cover and put in the snap ring and seat it in the groove.

If you are changing your rotation, look on parts list for the right side plate to use.

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