Rexroth AA4VG Dimension 125 Axial Pump

Rexroth AA4VG Dimension 125 Axial Pump

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This comes with no control unit NV. Comes with the usual suction port Sat the bottom. You an can get suction port S on the top and port plate that is turned thru 180 degrees
1. ANSI B92.1a-1976 30* pressure angle, flat root, side fit , tolerance class 5 2. Make sure you don’t put too much torque on tightening up screws and other things on the unit. 3. Plugged
It has control valves, mechanical adjustable that has a position lever.

When ordering these pumps always ask for a drawing of the unit. If you deal with inches make sure that is what it is. So parts can be measured for accuracy. Don’t want to order something and internal parts are not right. Things may look the same, but be a hair off. Makes all the difference in the world. And drawings help in doing repairs later down the road.

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