Eaton Series 33 – Putting on a Shaft Seal

Eaton Series 33 – Putting on a Shaft Seal

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To put the seal back in the unit, make sure you grease the o-ring well. The put in the rotating seal in by using a seal puller. Make sure it goes inside the rotating seal before you put it together you put it on the output drive shaft. Again grease o-ring seal that is of the stationary seal sub assy. Use the size retaining ring pliers to put on the retaining ring (beveled side of ring out).

You may notice there are two different kinds of shaft seals. Make sure you put the same size of shaft seal back on. Some may be obsolete and not interchangeable with older or newer models.

To make sure the seal is put on a clean surface. Also, make sure whatever cleaner you are using is dried completely or it will not seal correctly. And if the surface of the unit has any debris on it, again it will not seal right. Put clean oil on the parts before you put them back together.

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