Hydraulic Pump Series P20/M20

Hydraulic Pump Series P20/M20

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These types of pumps and motors are best used in heavy equipment. The units can be made to be bi rotational. They have a wide range of drive shaft and mounting flanges to pick from depending on the application you need. Some of the features come on the units from the factory are one piece drive shaft and gears, pressure stabilized thrust plates.

The flow rate on these pumps go up to 2.96 cir at 300 PSI output to 3.94 cir up to 2500 PSI. The have speeds that go up to 2400 RPMs. They are small and compact pumps that can do heavy loads.

Here are some diagrams and charts that give you the pump speeds, output gear, gear width and tell about single & multiple units. Also what the code means on the pump or motor tags. And a breakdown of the unit.

This breakdown is for a two section unit. Plug 5 in location B is clockwise. Plug 5 in location A is counter clockwise location. Check valves in both places give bi directional rotation.

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