We Service Komatsu Hydraulic Pumps & Motors

We Service Komatsu Hydraulic Pumps & Motors

We Service Komatsu Hydraulic Pumps & Motors

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Komatsu Hydraulic Pumps, Motors, Transmissions, Drives, and Parts!

For all concrete trucks, John Deere ,Case, and Gleaner combines, cranes, excavators, timber harvesting equipment

John Deere, Case, Gleaner cotton pickers, Bobcat skid steer loaders, John Deere Case, Hi-Cycle sprayers We offer Komatsu HYDRAULIC/ HYDROSTATIC shafts seal kits bearing plates cylinder blocks shaft seals control valves pistons ball guides retainer rings charge pumps valve plates ball guides end caps manifold blocks complete seal kits servo pistons servo links swash plates fixed swash plates variable front covers back covers main housings bearings shims control valve arms o ring kits gasket sets cylinder block springs both internal and the piston springs roll pins for cylinder blocks, positive hold down clips thin thrust plates for positive holddown, edc control valves, neutral lock out, for 33,39,46,54,64.76 Eaton Hydraulic/Hydrostatic pumps, motors transmissions, drives, equipment and parts

Our Komatsu Hydraulic, Hydraulics repair program offers Hydraulic and hydraulic pump, motor, transmission for the construction, agriculture, and marine application including loaders, mixer trucks, cotton pickers, excavators, cranes, and others.

We offer complete Eaton Hydraulic drive repair field service. Our Eaton Hydraulic Transmissions are repaired back to OEM specs. We are a full service Komatsu Hydraulic pump facility. We specialize in Eaton Hydraulic pump repair for road equipment. When your Komatsu Hydraulic pump need more rpm’s, call us, we will help you go.

We offer Hydraulic, Hydraulics repair for the following Eaton equipment Hydraulic drives, Hydraulic motors, Hydraulic swing pumps, Tractor hydraulic pumps, Rear hydraulic pumps, tractors, pickers, skid steer loaders, paving equipment, cranes, and railroad equipment.

We buy surplus Eaton hydraulic / hydrostatic pumps, motors, transmissions, drives, equipment and parts! Contact Us for more information!

Re-Slippered Pistons Pricing:

  •   1. 07430-72203 STEERING PUMP 07430-72200 STEERING PUMP 07430-72201 STEERING PUMP D65P-7;D65A-8;D65E-8;D75A-1
  •   2. 07432-72103 TRANSMISSION PUMP/PUMPS 07432-72101 TRANSMISSION PUMP/ PUMPS D60A-11; D60C-8; D60P-11 D65A-1/6/7/8; D65E-1/6/7/8/10; D65P-1/6/7/8; D65S-6/7/8 D65-6/8; D75A-1 D80/85A-18; D85A-21; D85ESS-1;
  •   3. 07432-71203 TRANSMISSION PUMP/ PUMPS 07432-71200 TRANSMISSION PUMP/ PUMPS 07432-71201 TRANSMISSION PUMP/ PUMPS D60A-11; D60C-8; D60P-11 D65A-1/6/7/8; D65E-1/6/7/8/10; D65P-1/6/7/8; D65S-6/7/8 D65-6/8; D75A-1 D80/85A-18; D85A-21; D85ESS-1;
  •   4. 07436-72202 STEERING PUMP/ PUMPS 07436-72203 STEERING PUMP D150A-1/D155A-1/C1/S1;D80/85A-18; D85E-18/21; D85P-18;
  •   5. 07440-72202 STEERING PUMP/ PUMPS D155A-1
  •   6. 07433-71103 TRANSMISSION PUMP/ PUMPS 07433-71102 TRANSMISSION PUMP/ PUMPS D155A-1; D135A1-2/D150A-1/A-2/D65C6/D85A1
  •   7. 07441-67503 HYDRAULIC PUMP/PUMPS 07441-67501 HYDRAULIC PUMP/PUMPS 07441-67502 HYDRAULIC PUMP/PUMPS D60A-8;D60E-8;D60P-8;D65P-7;D65A-8;D65E-8;D75A-1;D75S-2;D75S-2;BF60-1; D68; D70; D83-D85
  •   8. 07446-66103 HYDRAULIC PUMP/PUMPS 07446-66200 HYDRAULIC PUMP/PUMPS D155A-1;
  •   9. 07444-66103 HYDRAULIC PUMP/PUMPS 07444-66200 HYDRAULIC PUMP/PUMPS D65/D80-18 D85A-18;D85E-18;D85P-18
  •   10. 07400-40500 TANDEM PUMP/PUMPS D65/D60A-8;D60E-8;D60P-8
  •   11. 175-13-23500 TORQUE CONVERTER PUMP/ PUMPS D155A-1; D355
  •   12. 705-21-32050 TRANSMISSION PUMP/ PUMPS D85P-21A
  •   13. 705-51-30190 HYDRAULIC PUMP/PUMPS D85A-21
  •   14. 705-51-20140 PUMP/ PUMPS WA300-1
  •   15. 07448-66107 HYDRAULIC PUMP/ PUMPS
  •   16. 6209-51-1201 OIL PUMP S6D95L-1 AD
  •   17. 6735-51-1111 OIL PUMP S6D102
  •   18. 6136-52-1100 OIL PUMP S6D110
  •   19. 6136-51-1000 OIL PUMP S6D105
  •   20. 6151-51-1005 OIL PUMP
  •   21. 6136-61-1102/1501 WATER PUMP 6D105; PC200-1
  •   22. 6136-61-1101 WATER PUMP 6D105; PC200-2
  •   23. 6136-61-1200 WATER PUMP S6D105; PC200-3
  •   24. 6206-61-1100 WATER PUMP 6D95; PC200-5
  •   25. 6209-61-1100 WATER PUMP 6D105 PC200-6
  •   26. 6735-61-1500 WATER PUMP 6D102 PC220-6
  •   27. 6151-61-1121 WATER PUMP 6D125; PC300-3
  •   28. 6221-61-1102 WATER PUMP 6D108; PC300-5
  •   29. 6204-61-1100 WATER PUMP 4D95; PC60
  •   30. 6685-61-1024 WATER PUMP NH220; D80A
  •   31. 6711-62-1101 WATER PUMP NT855; D85
  •   32. 6202-63-1200 WATER PUMP 4D95S-1, FORKLIFT
  •   33. 6132-61-1616 WATER PUMP 4D94E, FORKLIFT
  •   34. 6736-61-1024/1200 WATER PUMP 6D102; 6BT5.9
  •   35. 6207-51-1201 OIL PUMP 6D95
  •   36. 6128-52-1013 OIL PUMP 6D155, D155 D355

Call for Prices on these parts or if you don’t see your number on here, call us we will have it.

We have so many more to choose from and other brands as well.


or email us at sales@hydrostatic-transmission.com

send in your pictures of your unit, ask questions and ask for quotes to repair or buy a new unit.

We are here to serve your needs.

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