John Deere Coolant for Your Engine

John Deere Coolant for Your Engine

John Deere Coolant for Your Engine

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Today we will discuss:
John Deere Engine Coolant

John Deere advises using John Deere Low Silicate Antifreeze and that it is formulated to GM6038M or similar.

Here is a list of other favorable anti freezes:
Ethylene- glycol type
Containing no more than 01 % anhydrous meta silicate
General Motors Performance Specification GM1899M

Some ethylene-glycol antifreeze are used in automobiles. These products are labeled to us in aluminum engines and have more than 01% anhydrous meta silicate.

Mix 50-67% low silicate antifreeze with 33-50% distilled or de-ionized water.

Low silicate antifreeze contributes:
Even heat transfer.
Corrosion resistant environment within the cooling system.
Agreeable with cooling system hose and seal material.
Wear and tear protection in hot and cold weather situations.

If living in certain areas of the country may require special antifreeze in colder climates.

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