Eaton Hydraulic/Hydrostatic Parts Repair

Eaton Hydraulic/Hydrostatic Parts Repair

Eaton Hydraulic/Hydrostatic Parts Repair

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Hydrostatic Transmission Service,LLC Offers Eaton Hydrostatic Parts and Eaton Hydrostatic Repair
Bi-metal bearing plate –offers steel for high speed and pressure, while bronze allows for greater bearing properties.

Valve plate- casehardened steel for extended life.

End cover- on Models 33 through 64 offers the fixed motors with huge passages that reduce losses on both side and rear ports.

C-pad rear mount-  variable pumps for tandem units or for a through shaft are on Models 33 through 64.

Release valves- direct operated cartridge and fast acting direct types are on hand.

Controls- there are a wide selection of control options for pumps and motors to meet requirements.

Ports- SAE code 61 and code 62, along with o-ring boss ports are obtainable.

Hydrostatic Transmission Service,LLC Offers EatonHydrostatic Parts and Eaton Hydrostatic Repair
Hydrostatic Transmission Service,LLC offers a selection of four charge pump displacements to go with the heavy duty transmission line: .85,1.28, 1.70, and 2.12 in3/rev [13,9; 21,0; 27,8; 34,7 cm3/rev]. These charge pumps are available with one or more of the following options:

a pressure sensing port

remote pressure side filter ports

a spin-on pressure side filter

mounting flanges for auxiliary pumps

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