Adapter Sleeve for Bearings

Adapter Sleeve for Bearings

Adapter Sleeve for Bearings

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Adapter Sleeve for Bearings

A tapered adapter sleeve on a standard shafting will help it greatly to ease the mounting of the bearings. The outer surface of the sleeve is tapered to align the tapered bore of the bearing inner ring. This helps to give the needed tight fit between the inner ring and the shaft. The adapter sleeve is slotted to let contraction and is threaded at the small end to fit a lock nut. When the lock nut is as tight as it can go, (as recommended). Reduction in internal radial looseness, the right interference between inner ring and shaft is accomplished.

A lock washer is needed between in the inner ring and the lock nut, so it will not loosen. A micronized graphite will help with assembly and not to let contact erosion of the parts. A light spraying of graphite is put on the adapter sleeve and the bore of the inner ring. It is good also to put oil to the shaft, housing and components parts before the bearing unit is put together.


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