Do’s and Don’ts for Bearings

Do’s and Don’ts for Bearings

Do’s and Don’ts for Bearings

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Our topic today is about getting the best performance  out of your bearings. But their are some rules for making them last.


Do’s …

Do’s and Don’ts for Bearings

Do work in clean work surface and  make see tools are free of debris.

Do have clean hands or work gloves.

Do treat a used bearing as gentle as you would a new one.

Do have clean lubricants and flushing fluids.

Do put bearings on clean paper or cloth after cleaning.

Do protect disassemblied bearing foreign particles.

Do use lint free rags when wiping down bearings.

Do keep bearings in oil proof paper when you are not using them.

Do clean inside the housing before you put in a new bearing.

Do install bearings from the package without washing them off.

Do keep lubricant containers clean and not let foreign materials get into the container.

Do keep lubricant clean when applying it to the bearing.


Don’ts …

Don’t  work on a dirty surface.

Don’t  us dirty, chipped or weak tools.

Don’t use parts with dirty or moist hans/gloves.

Don’t spin uncleaned bearings.

Don’t spin bearings eith compressed air.

Don’t use same basin for cleaning and rinsing bearings.

Don’t wipe bearings with dirty rags.

Don’t let the bearings get around dirt or moisture.

Don’t dent or scratch the bearings.

Don’t  remove oil or grease from new bearings.

Don’t  use the wrong kind of grease or the wrong kind of grease.


Using these principles will ensure long lasting use of your bearings.


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