John Deere Crawler 755B Install Fuel Injector

John Deere Crawler 755B Install Fuel Injector

John Deere Crawler 755B Install Fuel Injector

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Install Fuel Injector

If injection pump drive gear needs replaced, then exact engine timing is crucial. (need to follow CTM8 on timing for that)

With the pump drive gear held against the front plate, put the pump shaft (A) and index pin (B) in direct contact with pump drive gear slot.

Should the shaft roll pin may be easily damaged when it is tightened to tight when assembled. The pump drive gear shouldn’t move when installing pump index pin into the pump drive gear key slot.

Install injection pump almost onto the mounting studs (D) without pressing the pump housing pilot (C) into engine front plate.

If installing the pump has some restraint being felt, take the pump out of the mounting studs and look for shaft index pin to drive gear key slot aligning up right. Put back in after resetting it til it fits correctly.

When tightening your nuts, don’t do more than three full turns on mounting studs. Pump drive shaft index pin might get damaged. It might not align back right if the nuts are turned more than three times.

Put in washers (E & F) nuts (G). Tighten nuts three full turns, so pump want fall off mounting studs.


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