Air Switch for V400

Air Switch for V400

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These brackets can change valves and put them right on to switch areas. WM 400- if you need a left handed one use the HML400 bracket. Valve Block – if you order parts, tell the number of stations and model for each of the stations. VL 400 straight plunger options you can get wall mountings that are right up on the wall.

Starts by having a straightforward impact on the end of the plunger on V400 Starts by having a straightforward impact on the end of the plunger and will be offset when it is shifted. V400D
Starts with cam depressing roller and goes in either direction. V400C

Starts by cam depressing roller in one direction and only one direction. Then the roller changes and doesn’t go in the other direction. V400 R Starts by cam depressing roller on going to either side from the middle. V4002R Starts by depressing the lever and brings back to its original starting point by a spring. V400P Starts by counterbalancing the lever and stays in the corrected shifted are once. V400H

Sensing – has a starting position that can repeat itself .0001 excise control of correctness.

Control of big cylinders – Can stroke a 4″/6″ cylinder in 1/16 of sec at 100 psi. with a quick exhaust. You don’t have to put on any extra solenoids, electric or pilot circuitry, switches to put it in and have it do it’s job.

Program Module – can be stacked to the center of controls, can be in tight areas, easy piping.

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