Dowty Pumps and Motors

Dowty Pumps and Motors

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A. Hardened steel gears and you can have a different layout on the drive shaft B. You can get different shaft seals and what they are made of are optional also. C. This is a cover for stability. D. This is a DU liner. E. Body section. F. Mounting Flange

These units come in four different sizes. They also come in a tandem and you can order different types of this unit depending on your needs. These pumps are a great asset to mining because of the fluid that is used in them that is fire resistance. You can use viton or nitrile seal on them. These units can carry heavy load capacities. The detail that goes into these pumps and motors is second to none, they have a gear tip leakage to help with the control of the unit. It has a zero clearance, so the tips are good under running conditions.

It has low pressure bearing grease as a feature in these units. This makes sure it has the cooling and grease application for the bearings to provide fluid all the time without interrupting the operating procedure.

If you need to know more about these units or if we can help with repairing yours, give us a call at 800-361-0068

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