Bearing Materials Part 3

Bearing Materials Part 3

Bearing Materials Part 3

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Today we will discuss;

Bearing Material Part 3

Copper lead bearings are mainly used in internal combustion engines and electric motors that run at low to medium speeds. They usually cost more than a babbitt bearing, but the advantage is that give greater load capacity, better operation at higher temperatures and have better ear resistance.

Bronze Alloys have more uses because of the properties the bearing are made with. Bronze bearings have 4 main characteristics;

  1. Lead bronze
  2. Tin bronze
  3. Aluminum bronze
  4. Phosphor bronze (the most affordable)

Lead bronze provide operations at moderate speeds and loads.  To accommodate this, the shaft journal needs to be plated. It also, provides no comformability. Meaning that each of the bearings has to be precisely straight.

The score resistance is good as well as the cast and machining. They endure a high load capacity.

A great advantage of the lead bronze is that can be used as a single material. Doesn’t have to have any kind of overlay or steel backing.

Tin bronze have a high hardness, but doesn’t conform well. They also need an accurate alignment, lubrication and a hardened journal. The application that is used  are low speeds and high loads.


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